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1. Proper swim suits are required for both girls and boys
2. All children with hair past their ears must wear swim caps
3. All children under the age of 3, and any child who is not potty-trained, must wear a swim diaper (a regular diaper is not acceptable)
4. Parent and/or caregiver is required to stay in lesson viewing area (off pool deck) during the child’s lesson in case the the child needs to use the bathroom or any other situation comes up where the parent is needed.  REACH staff is not responsible for escorting children to locker rooms or bathrooms
5. No child should be left unattended, all children are the responsibility of the parent or caregiver before the class has begun and immediately after their class is over.
6. No parent and/or caregiver is allowed on pool deck


1. No person having any contagious diseases or infectious conditions such as sores or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, cuts, boils, or other evident skin or other bodily infection shall enter the pool.

2.  Urinating, expectorating or bowing the nose, or allowing human waste in the pool is prohibited 

3.  No running on pool deck or in pool facility  

4.  You must shower before entering the pool

5.  Street shoes are not allowed on pool deck

6. Persons not dressed for bathing shall not enter upon walks

7.  No person shall enter the pool or on the pool deck

8.  Prolonged or repetitive breath holding can be deadly.  No intentional hyperventilation or underwater competitive breath-holding allowed

1.  Full payment for all lessons is required prior to start of 1st class.
2.  In the event that the regular scheduled instructor is out, REACH swim academy will provide an equally  adequate instructor for the class
3. If classes have to be cancelled due to pool closures or inclement weather, you will be notified via text, phone, or email and a credit will be issued to your account.
4.  REACH swim academy does not offer credits or refunds for inclement weather if pool is open and classes run as scheduled.  
5.  Lesson times can not be changed nor is switching days and times allowed once lessons begin.  
6.  NO make-up classes will be offered for any missed group classes, NO EXCEPTIONS 
7.  For private lessons, a credit to your account will be issued for (1) missed lesson during the season provided that the cancellation is done 24 hours in advance.
      1.  No credit will be issued for missed lessons after the first credited missed lesson, NO EXCEPTIONS
      2.  Cancellations may be done via email, text, or phone 
      3.  Private lessons cancelled the day of lessons will not be credited, NO EXCEPTIONS


1.  Full refund will be given for classes if cancelled at least 14 days before season begins
2.  75% refund will be given for classes cancelled 8-13 days before season begins
3.  NO refund will be issued for classes 1-7 days before season begins
4.  If there is a medical emergency, credit will be give with proper doctors note